Sustainable riding fashion

Produced fairly in Europe

Quality of our equestrian fashion

What defines the functionality of our equestrian fashion? Our sustainable riding clothing withstands the high demands of riding without compromise. In addition to the claim of sustainability, it is particularly important to us to create highly innovative and performance-oriented equestrian fashion products.

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What makes HOOFMENT equestrian fashion sustainable? It is our principle and our basis for decision-making to always act sustainably. We only use environmentally friendly materials for our sustainable riding clothing and always produce within Europe under fair conditions.

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animal welfare

What does a label for equestrian fashion have to do with animal welfare? We donate 1% of our sales to the organization "4 Hufe im Glück", which works with a lot of love for horses in need. We even have two sponsored ponies that we or you support monthly with donations. You not only get sustainable riding clothing, but also do something good for the ponies at the same time.

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