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Buy riding clothing and do something good at the same time! :)

With your order in our online shop you not only get sustainable riding clothing and riding fashion, but also support the organization "4 Hufe im Glück", which works for horses and ponies in need. With every order we donate 2% of the sales to our sponsor ponies of the organization: Lucky and Lilly.

Our equestrian fashion is sustainable and vegan

Our equestrian fashion is completely vegan and contains no animal components. We do not use real animal leather or real fur. For us, the welfare of the animals comes first and no animal should suffer because of us. For our equestrian fashion we only use environmentally friendly or recycled materials that are manufactured without chemicals, such as MicroModal (beech wood), bamboo, eucalyptus and organic cotton or recycled polyamide and recycled polyester.
With us you can only buy riding clothing that has been manufactured with great care within Europe. It is people who sew our products for riders and horses, not machines. We want to pay fairly to the people who make our equestrian fashion with so much love and professionalism. In addition, we only have smaller quantities produced and prefer to order something more often to avoid overproduction.

Innovative and performance-oriented riding fashion

You can only buy riding clothing from us that is made of elastic fabrics and therefore adapts perfectly to your body and the movements on the horse. It is particularly important to us that you enjoy wearing the riding fashion and prefer not to take it off. That is why we have put a lot of effort into the choice of materials for the riding fashion. The materials just feel good, are soft and cuddly. Our fabrics are naturally so soft and are not treated with chemicals. That is why our products are particularly skin-friendly.

We have also selected fabrics for our equestrian fashion that are naturally breathable and thermoregulating without chemicals. This means that the moisture produced by the body is transported to the outside and less damp heat accumulates between the skin and shirt.