It's more...
More than just a fashion label
for equestrian sports

“We dream of a fashion world where human and natural resources are used unconditionally to be valued."

For us this means: We want to be more than just a fashion label for equestrian sports. We want to create a movement: a movement that shares, spreads and lives our values ​​for nature, people and the environment. We want to improve the fashion world in equestrian sports, create more awareness for consumption and above all we want to be one thing: personal, transparent and an open book for you. You should know how and where our riding clothing is made and you should get to know the faces behind the brand - us. We want to offer you added value with what we do, even beyond equestrian clothing. We want to create a movement together with you, a movement with strong cohesion that has the power to change something in the world with a lot of positivity. With us you can buy products for riders and horses with a clear conscience and even do something good for our partner organization "4 Hufe im Glück". It would make us immensely proud to see that we, as riders, also spread these values ​​outside of equestrian sports and, as a community, draw attention to them.

Current trends, sustainability & fairness...

...also belong to equestrian sport for us.

Founder & Head of Product Development

Stephanie Lubetzky

Founder & Head of Sales

Jessica Thees

HOOFMENT - sustainable fashion

How it all started...

Girls night out in October 2019, a Saturday. Delicious food, a little wine, cozy atmosphere. Our girls' group has been around for ages - 15 years to be precise. What has always connected us: horseback riding, of course.

Especially when we were teenagers, we spent days in the stable with our horses and always together. When we sat together at the said girls' evening and we chatted about "What if..." - thoughts, a common thought arose in both of us - Jessi and Steffi: Why do we only talk about everything we could do, but then don't you? Why do we have so many ideas and dreams and not implement them? Why don't we make it easy? After all, we have a common dream: sustainable equestrian fashion.

The idea quickly became a plan. A plan through which we want to create something completely new - together with you.

Be part of our movement!

Become part of our sustainable movement

We are open to suggestions, feedback and ideas for our collection for riders and horses, so feel free to contact us! Whether it's email, Instagram or WhatsApp - we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer anything you want to know. If you enjoy our products as much as we do, share your experiences, joy and pictures with your friends on Instagram and tag us. We would be very happy about that!

Become part of our movement - become a part of HOOFMENT. We are sure this will be an exciting and great time!

Your Jessi and Steffi