Vegan riding fashion & animal welfare donations

Animals are our everything

That's why we don't use any animal substances in our products. We do not use real leather or animal fur. All our products for riders and horses are therefore vegan. For us, the welfare of the animals comes first.

From the beginning it was clear to us that we not only want to create a sustainable fashion label with this label, but also give animals in need a better life and do not want to see any animal suffer. This also refers to a non-violent riding style, which we would like to support. The harmony between horse and rider and the horse's well-being is particularly important to us. It is about a riding style without compulsion and stress. The basic requirement is a species-appropriate attitude. As a brand, we want to speak out against rollkur and other violent practices. When selecting our brand ambassadors, it is also important to us that they live these values ​​when dealing with their horses.

Our heart project is animal welfare

We also support the organization "4 Hufe im Glück" - an animal welfare organization that puts its heart and soul into helping horses in need. The organization is committed to rescuing horses from the slaughterhouse, enabling discarded horses to have a good life or freeing horses from poor housing conditions. For their wonderful work they need financial support - for medical care, blacksmith, feed, transport costs and, and, and. That's why we donate 1% of our sales to this great organization that makes many horse hearts happy again. Among other things, they saved two sweet little Shetties from the worst keeping conditions: Lucky & Lilly. These two sugar-sweet treasures now live in a really great foster home, which we support with our monthly donations. In fact, YOU support the cuties with every order and we are incredibly grateful for that! We believe that we can all make a difference together and help many other horses and ponies in need.

If you would like to support your own sponsored horse or just make a donation, you can of course do so directly on the “4 Hufe im Glück” page:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!