Cuddly soft headband
  • Made from 100% sustainable organic cotton
  • Produced by us in the Hoofment Office in Germany
  • Incredibly soft and fluffy
  • Skin-friendly and breathable
  • Does not charge electrically

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100% organic cotton
It is best to only wash your headband by hand, then it will stay with you for a long time.

  • Design & Development: in the Hoofment Office
  • Material production: Upcycling material from Europe
  • Production of the products: in the Hoofment Office

Cozy headband

Our headband is made from 100% pure organic cotton. Our organic cotton comes exclusively from controlled organic cultivation without the use of genetic engineering, chemicals or monocultures. As a result, much less water is used than in classic cotton cultivation and the ecological balance of nature is preserved. We make sure that the farmers are paid fairly here too.

But now to your personal advantages: thanks to the fluffy structure of the cotton, the headband keeps you particularly warm and is super cuddly! Plus, cotton is naturally incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin. The material can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling damp.

Headband - perfect for winter

The second best thing about your order is (the best thing is of course your new headband) that 2% of the sales will be donated to the organization “4 Hufe im Glück”. They put their heart and soul into helping horses in need. With your donation you support our godfather ponies Lucky and Lilly and give them a better life.

We will take over the shipping costs for your order from 40€. We only ship sustainably with DHL “GoGreen”. If you send the package back to us, you have to bear the costs yourself.

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