Pferde in Not - Wir unterstützen die Tierschutz-Organisation „4 Hufe im Glück e.V.“

Horses in need - We support the animal protection organization "4 Hufe im Glück eV"

Horses in need - We support the animal protection organization "4 Hufe im Glück eV"

Have you ever thought about how you can help horses in need? Who to contact? The organization 4 Hufe im Glück saves horses and ponies in need and gives them a better life. Here you can find out more about 4 lucky hooves and how we at Hoofment support you in rescuing horses in need. And of course you will also get tips on how you can help yourself!

Horses in need - How the organization "4 Hufe im Glück eV" helps

Surely you have already thought about what happens to retired horses and sport horses that are no longer wanted. You may also have seen a report of foals being slaughtered because they are surplus to a breeding program or do not meet breeding criteria. What happens to horses that are considered too difficult? Or maybe you have ever wanted to free horses in need from poor or even cruel husbandry conditions? Luckily there are clubs, dedicated animal rights activists and sanctuaries. We, Jessi and Steffi from Hoofment, support the organization "4 Hufe im Glück eV" with 2% of our sales from Hoofment and other campaigns and would like to introduce you to this association, which saves horses and ponies in need, in more detail.

The "4 Hufe im Glück" association:

The 4 Hufe im Glück team has set itself the task of rescuing horses and ponies in need and preventing animals from suffering. Of course, they can't save everyone. That's why her motto is: "And if it's just one thing, we'll try." It all started with 4 foals that were to be sold at a foal auction in Austria and taken to Italy in a collective transporter to be slaughtered. They were ransomed and brought to their new home in northern Germany. In 2017, these dedicated animal rights activists founded the association 4 Hufe im Glück and from then on saved numerous horses and ponies in need, a few donkeys and sometimes cows or sheep. The team learns via Facebook, email, etc. that an animal is in need. Then they check on site whether they can and must help. The suffering animals are often picked up immediately and brought to the north of Hamburg to be nursed back to health. There the association has enough pasture land and fortified open stables to house them. Many are also referred directly to a suitable foster home.

We find it really exciting to follow 4 Hufe im Glück on Instagram and Facebook: Which animals are saved? Where will they be housed and how will they develop in their new home? You can see some "lucky ponies" who have already found their "heart person" on the 4 Hufe im Glück website: .

And this is how you could help:

Do you know that feeling? You would actually like to help, but you don't really know where and how. It's actually not that difficult. Pick an organization you've heard of. Try to collect as much information about them as possible and ideally even visit them on site – after prior registration, of course. If you like, also check out their website and their Instagram and Facebook posts. But maybe we can help you with this blog entry on your search and you are interested in 4 Hufe im Glück - that is definitely a heartfelt recommendation from us! Here you can be sure that your support goes directly to horses and ponies in need! On the one hand, 4 Hufe im Glück definitely needs people who give their protégés a home, but financial support is also very important - for food, transport costs, blacksmith, veterinarian, etc.

There are several ways to support the association and thus horses in need, e.g. through:

1. A supporting membership:

If you are a supporting member, you help the association with a regular contribution to their projects, the accommodation and care of their protégés and much more. Your contribution as a supporting member would then be at least 40 € per year. This contribution is then considered a donation. And of course you can cancel this membership at any time.

And that's how easy it is to become a supporting member: Go to the website of 4 Hufe im Glück: , print out the document "Supporting Membership" under "Help and Donate" and send it filled out by post or fax 4 hooves in luck. So easy! :)

2. Donations:

Of course, you can also help with monetary or material donations. For example, a general monetary donation - because every euro helps! If a specific project appealed to you or you have followed the fate of a specific horse, pony or donkey, you can of course make a specific donation to it. You can also find the donation account on the 4 Hufe im Glück website. Donations in kind are of course also welcome, for example via your Amazon wish list. If you would like to donate food, halters, blankets or similar, please contact: Sabrina Jacobs, Wiesendamm 38, 24568 Kaltenkirchen. You can also support the association with your online purchases via the Gooding platform.

3. A Patronage:

If you know a famous person with a heart for animals, then tell them about 4 Hoofs in Luck. This prominent person could then take on a patronage. In any case, it is helpful when well-known people support an association and make it better known to the public.

4. foster homes:

What happens when 4 Lucky Hoofs rescues horses in distress? Most of the time they try to mediate this, since of course they cannot accommodate all the rescued animals on their pastures and cannot take care of all of them. That's why they try to find a "final place" for their four-legged friends, i.e. a family with which they can find a nicer life and a sheltered home. A private foster home in cooperation with 4 Hufe im Glück is often a stopover for horses in need. If a horse or pony is already very old or very ill, it may also remain in a foster home for life in order to save them the stress of moving again. For the younger and healthy horses and ponies in need, however, a new end-time home is being sought from there. In the foster home, the character of the horse is first observed and physical and health problems are also addressed. They remain there until the final mediation. So if you offer to be a foster family for a horse, pony or donkey, it usually means a lot of work and you need a lot of patience and love for this animal. But take a look at the stories on Instagram and Facebook. Then you will see how much fun it can be. And you will definitely not be left alone: ​​The 4 Hufe im Glück team will definitely help if there are problems. In addition, foster homes are also supported with donations.

If you want to become a foster family, just get in touch with the association:

5. Sponsorships:

You can also simply sponsor an animal. From 5 euros a month you can support a specific animal so that it can be lovingly cared for and cared for in its foster home. 4 Hufe im Glück is always looking for sponsors for their protégés on Instagram, Facebook and on their website. Perhaps one or the other fate touched you there in such a way that you would like to help. Or you have fallen in love with one of the little Shetties and would like to provide him with long-term, loving care. You can also find the sponsorship form at

Hoofment supports "4 Hoofs of Fortune"

We have decided to take on 2 sponsorships. Very quickly we fell in love with the two Shetties Lucky and Lilly, who found a wonderful foster home in Grömitz, where they can spend the rest of their lives. 2% of our Hoofment sales go to 4 Hufe im Glück and thus also to Lucky and Lilly. This means that you support them both with every order you place with us!

We also financially supported 4 Hufe im Glück in rescuing the pregnant Noriker mare Sissi. Sissi had to watch her foals being auctioned off at many auctions. Last year it was also supposed to be auctioned off. A team of 4 Hufe im Glück went to the auction in Austria and bought it. When we got home, there was good news because it was discovered that Sissi is pregnant!

In addition, we regularly do campaigns that benefit the association. For example, on Black Friday 2020 we didn't reduce our prices and instead donated all of that day's profit to Lucky 4 Hoofs. Or our competition in December, the proceeds of which also went to the association. Further actions are planned.

Sponsor pony Lucky:

Our godfather pony Lucky is a small Shetty gelding. In March 2018 he was lucky enough to be rescued by 4 hooves from bad keeping conditions. He is now over 30 years old and suffers from laminitis, Cushing's disease and many signs of aging. He has found a loving home with Krista in Grömitz and is well cared for and nurtured there. Krista grew very fond of Lucky and agreed to take care of him until the end of his life. And of course, its care, medication and special food are expensive.

Our godfather pony Lilly:

Lilly is also a super sweet Shetland. She too has found a loving foster home with Krista. Together with Lucky, she is lovingly cared for there and is allowed to graze in the whole garden. Sometimes Krista even takes them to the sea to swim and Lilly loves that very much.

We are really looking forward to our next visit to the two of them and will of course also take you with us on Instagram! :) We are super, super happy and grateful that we can support them both so well with your help! A big THANK YOU to you! Of course we hope that 4 Hufe im Glück can still save many, many horses in need and give them a better life.

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