5 Apps für Reiterinnen

5 apps for female riders

We have searched for useful apps for you and of course tested them. Of course, our passion, riding, is also in the foreground here - but our values ​​for nature and awareness are not neglected either.

First of all: all the apps presented are available free of charge in the App Store.

The first app we would like to introduce to you is "Equilab" .

With the help of this app you can create a training plan and record the training with your horse. The app shows you how long you rode in which gait on which hand. You can also see the distance covered, the average speed and the energy consumption of the rider and horse. You can also add multiple horses to your profile. 

And this is how the whole thing looks like for me (Steffi):

Overall, I think the functions of the app are great! Training recording is a great way to consciously analyze your own training and get an overview of all training sessions. And we all know it: In training we always prefer to ride on our favorite hand - sometimes it's good to see it so clearly in black and white. Since I've been using the app, I've definitely been riding more consciously and really trying to ride the same amount of time on both hands. All in all I think the app is great!

The second app that we have tested for you is the "ReiterApp" .

Not a creative name, but at least you know what it's about. This app is not so much about physical training, it is aimed at riders who like to go off-road. The app has almost 44,000 routes for horseback riding throughout Germany, also has a GPS and compass function and you can even download all the maps and use them offline. Pretty practical, because it usually looks difficult with reception in deep forests. Here, too, you can create a profile for your horse and document the rides - the app records the route, the time, the distance and the pace. 

And this is how it all looks like:

Personally, I think the functions of the app are great, especially if you have just changed stables and are not familiar with the terrain, for example, or if you are on vacation with your horse and don't know the terrain. And who knows, maybe you'll even find a way in your familiar forest that you didn't know before.

The third app has nothing to do with riding, but we would still like to recommend it to you. It is the slightly different news app "Good News" .

As the name suggests, this is news from the world - but only good ones! And let's be honest: Who isn't tired of hearing about all the things that are going wrong and bad things happening in the world? Then this app is really a great alternative and a mood lifter! This is how it looks then:

I love this app because there is so much great and important news here that is otherwise often drowned out in the force of bad news and not really noticed. Here they finally have a place where they come into their own. This news always makes me a little bit happier - give it a try! 

The fourth app recommendation is about a little more awareness - it's about the app "CoinKeeper" .

It is a kind of financial aid to get a better overview of all expenses and to develop a little more awareness of your own consumption. With the help of the app you can create up to 10 different categories for which you spend your money. As soon as you have bought something, you simply enter it in the app and get a great overview. The whole thing can look like this:

I really like using the app because it helps you get a feel for exactly what you’re spending and how much money on. In the beginning I found it difficult to limit myself to 10 categories. Personally, I would have liked to have had more, but unfortunately you need the premium version for that - a small minus point of this app. In the pictures above you can see which categories I have chosen, maybe the division will help you too. The numbers in the picture are of course only examples. I really like the app and feel much more organized and aware since using it.

And last but not least, the fifth app that we would like to recommend to you. It's the TooGoodToGo app.

Here you can get groceries at the end of the day very cheaply, which would otherwise often be thrown away. From bakers to restaurants to supermarkets, everything is there. You can simply enter your location and you will then receive a list of offers that you can reserve directly in the app and then pick up at the specified time. This is how the whole thing looks like:

In my opinion, the app is a great way to take action against our throwaway society and also to take full advantage of it yourself. You save a lot of money and often get really great things! An absolute must-have, especially if you live in the city, because there are so many great offers there. 

We really hope that you like one or the other app and that it will help you in everyday life. If you have already had experience with these apps or you can think of other great apps, please comment under the post! 

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