Fair and sustainable riding clothes

Why we produce fair riding gear: Did you know...

... that more than 90% of the world's fashion is produced in Asian low-wage countries under the worst conditions?

... that in these factories many toxins are used, for example for dyeing textiles and tanning leather, which are discharged unfiltered into the lakes and rivers and are also harmful to the health of the seamstresses?

... that the fashion industry uses a lot of water and emits CO2 and thus contributes significantly to climate change?

... that clothing consumption has almost doubled in the last 10 years, resulting in more waste than ever before?

... that chemically produced materials, such as polyester, sometimes need more than 500 years to decompose. If people consume as much as they do now, there will soon be more garbage in the sea than fish.

Sustainable riding clothes

What we do to sell sustainable and fair riding clothes:

For our sustainable riding clothes we only use sustainable materials from renewable raw materials such as bamboo and lyocell or materials from recycling processes such as recycled polyamide from old plastic bottles and fishing nets. If you would like to find out more about the materials used in our riding clothing, simply take a look at the individual product descriptions.

For us, sustainable riding clothes also mean that our riding clothes are produced free of harmful substances and without the use of toxic chemicals and are therefore harmless to you, your horses and nature.

We produce our fair riding clothes exclusively in Europe under dignified working conditions with a transparent supply chain and with partners with whom we are in close contact. Employees work there with regulated working hours and at fair wages and child labor is of course excluded there! You can see the complete supply chain of the fair riding clothes on the respective product page.

We only produce smaller quantities of our products and prefer to order more often to avoid overproduction.

The quality of our sustainable riding clothes is high and the products are therefore very durable. We are happy when you are happy and are committed to conscious consumption of riding clothing. We would like to enlighten you a bit and show that sustainability is not the same as eco. We would like to sensitize you to the topic and enable you to shop sustainable riding clothes with a clear conscience.

We are always looking for the best possible solution to act sustainably and fairly. We are constantly developing and are always looking for new sustainable innovations for our riding clothing that are environmentally friendly.

Our prices enable fair working conditions and the use of environmentally friendly materials for our fair riding clothes. We take these things for granted, but such principles have value. For this we forego high profit margins, so that we cannot sell our fair riding clothes to retailers. Our prices are real.

All our packaging materials are sustainable and have been selected and created by us with great care and attention to detail. Our shipping box is made from 35% grass paper and 65% recycled waste paper. Our postcards are made from 100% recycled paper and are made exclusively with green electricity and organic paints. We ship all packages with DHL GoGreen. This means that all packages are sent carbon neutral.