Individuelle Pferdeportraits in nachhaltigen Bilderrahmen von Ecofray

Individual horse portraits in sustainable picture frames from Ecofray

Individual horse portraits 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly? This is now available in our online shop! We have teamed up with Scodyprint and Ecofray for this great project and the result is impressive: lovingly designed horse portraits, individually drawn by Scodyprint, printed on environmentally friendly poster paper and framed in sustainable bamboo picture frames by Ecofray. And it all looks incredibly beautiful!

We did a super interesting interview with the founder of Ecofray :)

How did you come to develop a label for sustainable picture frames?

The idea for Ecofray actually came to us (my wife and I) while visiting a museum. We noticed that the picture frames are very beautiful, but do not have a high recognition value. The idea for personalized picture frames with the laser engraving of our label came to us. When we then looked more closely at the topic, we noticed that the market for picture frames is an absolute mass market in which the aspect of sustainability is not given enough attention.

What material are your sustainable picture frames made of and why did you choose this?

We looked at thousands of picture frames. It was clear to us not to offer picture frames made of aluminum or plastic, but only made of natural and renewable resources, i.e. wood. Bamboo was then the logical choice in terms of sustainability, since bamboo actually belongs to the grass family and therefore grows back much faster than comparable types of wood.

Can picture frames made of plastic or aluminum also be sustainable?

In our opinion, sustainability should always be considered individually. It was important to us that our product is not made from finite resources with high energy intensity. Despite everything, there are certainly companies that are taking great steps towards more sustainability in plastic and aluminum products. Every company and every individual should intensify their efforts in this day and age.

What do you pay attention to when producing your sustainable picture frames?

We deliberately wanted to produce as naturally as possible. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, no glaze is applied to the frames, but that they are actually made of natural and untreated bamboo wood. We also minimize the use of plastic in shipping.

Why is sustainability so important to you?

Sustainability is a ubiquitous yet elusive topic, and that's why we're fascinated by it. When we founded our company, we wanted to see how we could change the status quo in our market. Because even small improvements have an effect.

Where can you be found and where can you buy your sustainable picture frames?

You can buy our picture frames in our online shop. We also have partnerships with various online stores such as buy picture frames and mit corners and edges.

You can find the Ecofray online shop at:

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