Mein erstes eigenes Pferd: mein Traumpferd?

My first own horse: my dream horse?

My first own horse: my dream horse?

Are you thinking about buying your first horse or pony? Is it THE dream horse? In this blog you will not only find the usual checklists for your first horse. We at Hoofment also report on the experiences with our first dream horse or our first pony.

We can say in advance: Yes, do it! Find your dream horse or dream pony. Embark on the adventure of owning your own horse! Like us, you will definitely not regret it. The first own pony will always be something special. For us girls at Hoofment it certainly was and still is. It certainly didn't always work out and of course there were some problems. But it was and is a wonderful adventure to have your own pony or horse - but we will report on that in more detail below in this blog.

Of course, you should only start this adventure if the prerequisites are right and you have clarified a few things in advance.

For example, you should first ask yourself the following:

  • Where do I put my horse? Can I ensure species-appropriate husbandry?
  • Do I have enough time for my horse to be groomed and exercised? Who supports me? Do I need a riding participation that moves my horse when I don't have time?
  • Is my riding ability good enough for this horse? Who will help me train my horse?
  • what will it cost me Do I have enough money available? Is it also sufficient for additional, unforeseeable costs, for example if my horse has to go to the clinic or needs long-term treatment from a veterinarian?
  • Do I buy the horse because it fits well into my life right now or do I still have the time and interest to take responsibility for my horse in the years to come?

Are you sure you can meet these requirements? Then get started! :)


If you have decided to look for your dream horse or have already found it, you will certainly make a list of the things that you absolutely need. Maybe you're lucky and the previous owner has already given you some accessories that are still of good quality and fit your horse well.

We have put together a small checklist for you here. If you decide to have your own horse, you will certainly add a few things that are tailored to the specific use of your horse. Maybe you need something for horse transport, jumping or trail riding. If you want to take part in tournaments with your horse, you will of course need extensive tournament equipment.

This belongs in the basic equipment for your horse:

  • halter and rope
  • bridle or bridle
  • saddle and girth
  • a saddle pad or other saddle pad
  • cleaning box
  • Cleaning supplies (e.g. curry comb, brush, hoof pick, root brush, mane comb, sponge, sweat knife)
  • sweat blanket
  • Longe and lunge whip

Your horse may also need a winter or rain rug, bells, gaiters or a fly mask. So a lot comes together. For show jumping or if you want to go to tournaments, there is of course special equipment.

This belongs in the basic equipment for the rider:

  • Riding breeches or riding leggings
  • Riding boots or ankle boots with chaps
  • riding helmet
  • Riding jacket and/or riding waistcoat
  • Comfortable riding shirts
  • riding gloves

You may need a riding crop, spurs or a safety vest.

When it comes to your equipment, you should definitely make sure that it is of good quality. For safety reasons, you should not buy a riding helmet used. It could already have invisible damage and no longer protect you reliably.

Since we are pursuing a sustainable concept with our equestrian sport shop Hoofment and we attach great importance to environmentally friendly materials and clothing in equestrian sport, we naturally advise you to place value on durable and sustainably produced products even when you are buying your first equipment. They will accompany you for a long time and the environment will thank you. You can find some of them in our shop. Our halter protectors with names are currently very popular for your own horse or pony - a perfect gift for your first horse.


Of course, when you buy your own horse, you also have to deal with all sorts of paperwork. It's always good to get support from someone who knows about it. Here we give you a brief overview of some bureaucracy:

  • Contract of sale: Conclude a legally correct contract of sale with the owner of your new horse, stating, for example, the purchase price and also the option of returning the horse in the event of health problems that were concealed at the time of purchase. Other important agreements can also be recorded there.
  • Horse passport: Here you will find all important data about your horse, eg age, pedigree, life number, markings and vaccination data. You should register yourself as the new owner in the equine passport. If your horse does not yet have a passport, you should apply for one from the responsible authority (this is regulated differently from state to state.)
  • Liability insurance: It is very important to have good liability insurance for your horse. It covers personal injury and damage to property that your horse could cause (e.g. broken pasture fences, damage to the box, injuries your horse causes to others,...).

And very important: The health of your dream horse!

In any case, you should have a purchase examination (AKU) - also known as a horse TÜV - carried out by a good and experienced veterinarian. He takes a close look at the horse and assesses the state of health and also the physical condition of the horse for its purpose. There are small and large purchase investigations. In the case of the latter, x-rays, ultrasound, laboratory tests, etc. are also carried out. The pre-purchase examination is useful for both the buyer and the seller. You do not want to buy a sick horse and the seller is certainly interested in his good reputation and would like to hand over a healthy horse. Whether the seller pays the AKU or you, is purely a matter of negotiation.

How do I find my dream horse?

Of course, there are plenty of sales advertisements, especially on the Internet. Most sound like the perfect horse in the ad. But of course you have to get to know it as well as possible and test ride it first. If possible even over a longer period of time. In any case, the chemistry between you has to be right.

We were lucky enough to meet our first dream ponies in our own riding stable and fell in love with them. The chemistry was right, but of course there were also problems – especially at the beginning. Therefore we would like to tell you about our own experiences with our first pony. :)

Jessi and Jojo

This is my sweet Jojo, my first pony that I got when I was 8 years old. I had had group lessons in our riding stable for 2 years and quickly realized that riding is my favorite hobby. Jojo (actually Joana) was born in our stable and was 5 years old when I fell in love with her. She was relaxed in her dealings, had a super loving look, great gaits and a desire to jump. But I quickly realized that she also had an extremely stubborn head, which she really lived out at the age of 5. She stood appropriately in herds with horses and ponies and had already achieved a rank there. I already knew then that I had to do a lot of work and perseverance. There were wonderful moments, but she also made me despair often enough. Without the support of my riding instructor, who took us step by step without overtaxing us, the first pony adventure might have failed. And of course, help from family and friends in the stables was also very important. But we made it and even went to tournaments. Always a nice experience together with friends and accompanied by family and riding instructor. Things didn't always work out there either, and afterwards I like to remember how Jojo just ran out of the exams with me - he was just stubborn, but there were also successes and they were all the nicer.

And best of all: When I finally got too big for Jojo, my younger cousin took her over from me, so I didn't really have to part with her. Even today, at the age of 24, Jojo is still in our stable and is still a wonderful children's pony!

So my first dream pony was an all-round great adventure with many wonderful moments. I have never regretted it.

My tip: If it is possible, get to know your first horse or pony as well as possible before you buy it - possibly in riding lessons, as a foster pony or as a riding participation. Don't give up at the first problem. If the chemistry between you is right, you can do anything.

Steffi and Lando

This is my gelding Lando, now a 22-year-old German riding pony. We got to know each other in the stable where I still have him at home - at that time he was 5 and I was 13. He came to our stable as a new school pony because of poor keeping, was very skeptical towards strangers and came with him not very clear about the constant change of riders, so my riding instructor looked for someone to participate in riding and a reference person for him - that was me. I fell in love with him from day one! His bright, sensitive nature was right from the start and I was just able to give him the calm he needed. But our journey was often very rocky - he didn't really enjoy the dressage work and I often got off him crying because nothing worked. And when he was jumping, too, he was extremely lacking in confidence due to his bad experience at the beginning. But I always loved him madly and I still do! After the first two years with much more downs than ups, things went uphill and we became a team. A team that goes through thick and thin, that fights for each other and that takes care of each other. This is how the sensitive “problem pony” became a collector of ribbons in E-jumping and simply gave me an incredibly great childhood and youth.

In the meantime I only ride him out a lot, do ground work and ride him very easily. But he's still fit and he just looks great! Even last year's grazing accident, which meant that his left eye had to be surgically removed, brought us together even more! I will probably never have such a connection to a horse as I had to Lando again - the first horse is simply something very special!

My tip: Try to get to know your horse in different situations, so not just the classic "trial preparation" in the hall, but ask if you can also ride in the arena or for a short lap around the yard. Also ask if you can help with the cleaning and getting ready. It is best to observe the horse in the box and in the pasture. So there are no negative surprises at home :)

We wish everyone who reads this blog entry and is currently looking for their dream horse or dream pony, or has even found it, lots of beautiful, wonderful and happy experiences. You will experience a great adventure, you can spend a lot of your free time in nature and meet lots of nice, horse-crazy people.

We girls at Hoofment think that spending time with a horse is a wonderful thing and have never regretted our decision. :)

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